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The world runs on energy, and with no energy there is no growth and development. The term energy is subdivided into 2 sub categories.


·Renewable energy


·Non-renewable energy




Over the past few years people have really benefited from the extraction and selling of the energy sources. The owners or a shareholder of the resource, mostly the land owners gets a portion of all the revenues, called mineral rights


There are 3 types of royalty ownerships


1.Working interests


2.Overriding royalties


3.Royalty interest


In order for one to be able to calculate the royalties, he/she needs some specific information.


·Number of acres the land owner own of the production land.


·Number of acres of the production land.


·Total amount of production.


·The total amount of production including taxes the company acquires.


·Royalty percentage.




This is a viscous fluid extracted from petroleum. It has a myriad of uses ranging from


·The motor industry.


·Lubricating moving parts of a machine


·Acts as a source of energy. sell oil rights




 An air-like fluid material that freely moves to occupy space







1.Start an oil filling company- this is one of the most investments for the person living in average realm and it’s quite profitable.


2.Start a cooking gas delivery business-if you are looking for a way to maximize your profits with a very small starting capital, then this is the business you should be delving to.


3.Start an oil and gas servicing company- you will find the biggest of oil extractors to do most of the serving jobs, and this is a multi-million dollar industry with the potential of reaping you good profits. sell gas rights


4.Start an oil and gas legal firm-the law suits that most of this companies do face are numerous and the companies depend on a few people with legal knowledge on oil businesses.


The opportunities can go on and on but we have to really try to position ourselves to get slice of the industry.